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Easy Sound
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The Donkeys in San Diego next Friday (9/5) at The Casbah

You hear that? The Donkeys are brining the end-of-summer jams to their home-town-homies. Friday, September 5th at The Casbah with Tropical Popsicle and Ditches. This is a 21+ over and only $10.

Ride The Black Wave will be three months old this next week, and everyone here at Easy Sound and amigos de los burros are supremely stoked. High fives all around. The Ride The Black Wave summer tour was bodacious and amazing as well as grueling and trying at times (30 shows in 30 days!). Great shows, great crowds, and even the bands first sold-out show east of the Rocky Mountains (fuck yeah Chicago!). Thank you to everyone - radio stations across the U.S., record stores, promoters, venues, and of course all the fans and friends (new and old). It’s been a good summer, but boy does it feel good to be home…


EDJ's Easy Sound Recording Co. self-titled debut, EDJ.

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The Donkey's Easy Sound Recording Co. debut, Ride the Black Wave.

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Papercuts' Easy Sound Recording Co. debut, Life Among The Savages.

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Rodrigo Amarante's Easy Sound Recording Co. debut, Cavalo.

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Label Info, Marketing, A&R, Orders, Distribution: Terry Groves,
Marketing, A&R: Stephen Brower,
A&R: Eric D. Johnson,
TV & Film Licensing: Fred Jasper,
PR: Daniel Gill,

Introducing Easy Sound

Easy Sound Recording Company is a Los Angeles-based record label and new home for Vetiver, Howlin' Rain, Isobel Campbell, Papercuts, the Donkeys, Rodrigo Amarante (of Little Joy), and EDJ, the new project of former Fruit Bats leader Eric D. Johnson. The labels inaugural releases include a series of split 7" singles for Record Store Day, new full-lenghts from Papercuts and Rodrigo Amarante on May 6, and The Donkeys on June 3.

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Easy Sound Recording Co. • 11400 West Olympic Blvd. Suite 1450 • Los Angeles, CA 90064 • (310) 829-9355